Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shhhh.....Hospital Zone

When it comes to my four-legged or my feathered "kids", it just never ends.
Thursday night I cleaned the bird cages, something I never do at night. I was cleaning the family room late Thursday night and figured I would keep the lights low so the birds wouldn't be disturbed, and clean the bird cages so I wouldn't have to keep the vacuum out and finish in the morning. I did my cleaning and went to bed. In the morning I was out the door at 6:30 am to clean my neighbor's house. When I returned home, my granddaughter was squealing that Sam and Miles were out of their cage and on the floor. Apparently, I had left the cage door open after cleaning the cage. I scooped up Sam, who is 21 years old, he gave me a kiss, and I put him back in the cage. I had a to find Miles, who had found his way into a bag, and I put him back in the cage. Miles is my 19 year old cockatiel with one leg. They both headed to the bottom of the cage to chatter.
Then Saturday, after running errands, I went to the family room to give the birds a treat and realized Sam was huddled on the floor of the cage and there was dried blood everywhere. What I hadn't realized on Friday morning when I put Sam back in the cage, my parrot, Tahki, had severed his toes when he had gotten out of his cage. Tahki is 20 years old and has been mean since the day I brought him home at 5 months old. He loves his "brothers" as long as they don't touch the bars of his cage. I am guessing when Sam escaped, he climbed from his cage to Tahki's and that is when the attack happened. I am so glad Miles didn't get bit. He doesn't have a leg to spare. He wouldn't have survived.

So, I have moved both cages, all 3 birds to the dining room while Sam recuperates. It is the warmest room in the house. Last night was touch and go, but, he survived the night. Tonight, he looks like he is out of the woods. Tahki is VERY sorry he hurt his brother. Sam understands, Tahki has "issues".
Thru all this, I am plugging along on my squares for the Baby's Textured Blanket. I am finding them relaxing while I sit in the "Hospital Zone".


Sara in WI said...

Having raised birds when I was a teacher, I must say that they really do have varying personalities and issues just as people. I'm glad that Sam is going to be okay. Knitting in any hospital helps the relatives cope...

Sasa said...

Poor Sam . . . I will have to make a hospital visit sometime this week and see how the patient is doing.