Sunday, February 7, 2010

Project #2 ~ Grumpy Old Bear - COMPLETED

Grumpy Old Bear is complete and he only took a few hours to make. He is a perfect size to tuck into a diaper bag, pocket, or even on top of a present. Grumpy was a lot of fun to make. I used a yarn with wool in it, so, he turned out a little different in shape. He seems a bit stiffer. I still need to work on facial expressions. It frustrates me when my expressions don't look like Susan's. I realize she is an artist and has the magic touch, but, I really love the faces on her toys.

I am listening to the news, after watching the Saints beat the Colts. I DON'T EVEN KNOW THE TEAMS! I just wanted the Saints to win. Louisiana can use some good news. Anyway, we have a HUGE winter storm heading our way. I need to get my next project in order, in case we are snowed in.

The Grumpy Old Bear is a great project for the beginner or for an experienced knitter. It took no time to knit the pieces and just a few hours to sew him together.

If you want to check out Grumpy Old Bear, or other projects of mine, I am on Ravelry, my name is yerkeb.


Sara in WI said...

Woohoo! He's adorable!

Lucy said...

Haha, your Grumpy looks so innocent! Not really grumpy but so cute!

Jimberlys said...

Wonderful job on Grumpy Ole Bear. His facial expression is perfect! I know what you mean though. I feel the same way about my faces when I complete a project. I always think they are crooked, spaced wrong, nose too big. We are just too hard on ourselves. I think your Grumpy Bear could be in Susan's Book!

Now you have me thinking about that blanket.....but I have so much yarn already and I would need more!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Your grumpy bear is very sweet - great work!