Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm Baaaack

Since I visited with you last, I haven't accomplished much knitting. I wish I had a fantastic story to tell you as to why Project #8 isn't done, but I don't. I have the lion's body knit, but I am very disappointed with my choice of yarn. It made a striping pattern on the body. I had expected it to be more puddled than striped. The pattern has been very easy to follow. Great construction, but I DON'T LIKE THE YARN! I love making I-Cords, so, the mane is fun. I am in the process of making the 17 I-Cords. I was going to go ahead and use the yarn I bought for the elephant, but, I have decided to use something else. If I use the original yarn, my elephant will look like a cross between a zebra and an elephant. WAIT! Maybe I WILL use that striping yarn. Then, when I put my toys out at Christmas, this will fit in great with the Rudolph collection. It would be perfect as a toy from the Land of Misfits. Now I think I love the yarn.

Wow, this summer has really turned out to be a scorcher. Everyone who knows me knows I don't complain in the winter about the snow, ice, or cold. I save up all my whining for the hot summer days. But you know what? This year I am being pretty good. Isn't it funny, if you have a swimming pool in your yard, the heat just doesn't seem so bad. Even though I have only been in the pool twice, knowing it is there makes a huge difference. The funny thing. I am no little girl and the pool is a blow up kiddie pool. It is about 4' x 9' with about 2' of water. Just enough for this chubby grammie to sit in it and cool off.

Sarah and Luiza are gone to the cottage for 10 days. Now don't get excited, thinking I will have all this free time to knit. I still have the 4 other grandbabies to watch during the week. And with Sarah gone, Quinn (her Great Dane) is lost without her. All day he sleeps, trying not to think about his "momma" being gone. Then at night, he isn't sleepy, so, he stares at me, whining and woofing, every few minutes. Have you ever been woke out of a sound sleep by a Great Dane who is almost touching his nose to yours, at 3 in the morning? Well that is my life right now. I tell him to go lay down and he practically collapses on me. He is SO dramatic.

Oh, by the way, Sarah took the camera to the cottage. So, you will have to wait on any new pictures. I may throw in some old stuff, just for fun.

I did start crocheting a summer scarf today. Pretty little blue and white cotton one. Can't show you any photos.

I am also working on another reversible. It is the Egg to Bluebird and a Little Nest, Too. I have the nest done. I made this a few projects ago, but I gave it to Neve for her second birthday. I fell in love with it and decided I must have one for myself.

OH MY GOODNESS, I AMOST FORGOT TO TELL YOU !!!! The other day I was trying to decide something fun, fast and easy to make. I decided to start crocheting some Grannie Squares or motifs. I have some ends of yarn skeins in my stash that would be perfect for little coasters. I gathered my yarn and went to get my crochet hooks. Now let me just tell you, my knitting is in almost perfect order. YES!!! It truly is. My yarn is either in bags in my steamer trunk, in wire bins at the top of my stairs, or my dishcloth cotton yarns are in a white backpack. My books are in a special rack and my needles and hooks are in a small duffle bag. I know where everything is. So......I grabbed the duffle bag with all my needles and hooks inside to get the roll I keep my crochet hooks in. I felt for it, not there. I opened the duffle wide and looked inside, still, not there. I got a little antsy. I ran downstairs to see if the roll of hooks was in my traveling knitting bag. NOT THERE ! I flew upstairs and started tearing things apart. I didn't know where to begin because, everything has it's place. I thought MAYBE when I started cleaning out my sewing closet that it got put in there for some insane reason. Now my sewing closet is NOT in any order. In fact, it is a disaster. I started looking through the first 2 bags I came to and thought, "I would never have put my roll of hooks in the sewing closet". After 4 hours of thinking, looking, worrying, I texted my daughter that I was so frustrated. She immediately texted back, "What is wrong"? When I told her she responded, "Oh Mother, I thought something was REALLY wrong". IS SHE SERIOUS????? How much worse could it be? Not only have I finally decided that I want to make little crocheted Grannie Squares or motifs, I have my yarn sitting in front of me, but nowhere can I find my roll of crochet hooks. I decided not to dignify her response with one of my own. I figured I would look one more time for my precious hooks, ALL of my hooks. I went to the top of the stairs, moved one of the wire bins, looked around it. I grabbed the white backpack that holds all my dishcloth cotton yarn. I haven't made dishclothes for ages. I opened it up, felt around..........MY ROLL OF CROCHET HOOKS! How could they possibly be in there? I just had them a few weeks earlier. How would they have gotten into the dishcloth cotton yarn backpack? Oh yea, I was trying to think of a fast, fun, project to do and thought DISHCLOTHS. See, if I had been up to date on my blogging, I would have known right where they were.

Well, I guess I will say goodbye. I will be in touch soon. I will leave you with these beautiful little scallywags.