Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Project #2 ~ Grumpy Old Bear

I have decided to knit the Grumpy Old Bear on page 19 in "itty bitty nursery". Of course, I don't have a local yarn shop that carries Rowan yarns, so I am substituting Natura by lane cervinia. Lets hope for the best. If I am not thrilled, I will be UNknitting the grumpy old bear and will become a grumpy old barb.

I swore I would NEVER have a stash of yarn, other than the remains of skeins from previous projects. NO BUYING AHEAD. I have stuck to that. However, as I am starting to knit thru the "itty bittys", I am having a very hard time finding certain yarns, even online. I may need to rethink having a stash. Oh Yikes! This could be dangerous. Anyone know of a yarn shop that carries a large variety of O-Wool Balance? I can't find the colors I need.

Anyone appreciate this photo like I do? Ahhhh.........Russell Crowe. He is welcome to knit with me anytime. As a matter of fact, he does. I keep his framed photo on the table, where I knit.


mommieof4munchkins said...

Dancing Ewe has it and all yarns are 25% off til the 5th or 6th

Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

I made the Grumpy Old Bear for my daughter's first birthday this past October. You should see this poor bear now-- let's just say that he has seen A LOT of love! I loved how simple this pattern was; you will really enjoy making him.

As a sidenote, I was the one who was on bedrest from going into preterm labor. Well, just over a week ago I did deliver my second daughter. Despite being a month early, she is doing wonderfully and is already home with us.

barb said...

Thrilled to hear Veta has arrived, beautiful and healthy.

Sara in WI said...

Repeat after me:
Stash is good. (Your turn.)

barb said...

Hahahahaaha, Stash is good. I love it.

Lucy said...

I'm getting some yarn to make the Grumpy Old Bear too. Actually I'm planning to knit the Baby Bear from Itty-Bitty Toys too. I love bears and I want a team of bears Haha!

Susan said...

Hey! Those look great. I love your frogs, too, and your colors look just perfect to me. I am popping in every once in a while to catch up with your progress. I looks like you are plugging along.

Thanks for your fun blog!
susan b anderson