Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Susan, Stripey Loop Squares, REALLY ?????

Let me start by saying "THANK YOU" to all of you who are taking a peek at my blog. I really appreciate that you take the time to check in. And, I really love to hear your comments. Advice is ALWAYS welcome.

Susan B. Anderson is a gifted, talented, wonderful artist. I AM NOT !!!!!!
When I started the Stripey Loop Square, I figured, easy as pie. EXACTLY !!!! Pie is NOT easy.
The plain part of the square was a breeze, knit rows and purl rows. Now, small detail, THE LOOPS ! I feel like a giant working on Tinkerbell's blanket. My fingers, trying to make the loop, hold it, then secure it, feel twice their size. These 2 squares are going to take me longer than all the others combined. Actually, the part that confuses me, once the loops are done, where am I slip stitching the loop row to? The only thing that might save me, Lisa ( Sasa6 on ravelry ). She is my dear friend who got me back into knitting, after a 37 year break. Lisa thinks she is coming over tonight to knit and watch the Olympics. Actually, I am going to make her do a practice row of loops and see if she does it different than I do. SHE will know if I am doing it wrong. Just dawned on me..... I should look on Susan's blog and see if she has a tutorial for "loops". Susan is so helpful. ( No tutorial for the loops. Only *I* need it. )

UPDATE ~ Sammy, my 21 year old cockatiel whose toes were severed, he is doing great. He stayed in the "Hospital Room" for 2 days, learned to maneuver with his injured foot and is now back to life as it is.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shhhh.....Hospital Zone

When it comes to my four-legged or my feathered "kids", it just never ends.
Thursday night I cleaned the bird cages, something I never do at night. I was cleaning the family room late Thursday night and figured I would keep the lights low so the birds wouldn't be disturbed, and clean the bird cages so I wouldn't have to keep the vacuum out and finish in the morning. I did my cleaning and went to bed. In the morning I was out the door at 6:30 am to clean my neighbor's house. When I returned home, my granddaughter was squealing that Sam and Miles were out of their cage and on the floor. Apparently, I had left the cage door open after cleaning the cage. I scooped up Sam, who is 21 years old, he gave me a kiss, and I put him back in the cage. I had a to find Miles, who had found his way into a bag, and I put him back in the cage. Miles is my 19 year old cockatiel with one leg. They both headed to the bottom of the cage to chatter.
Then Saturday, after running errands, I went to the family room to give the birds a treat and realized Sam was huddled on the floor of the cage and there was dried blood everywhere. What I hadn't realized on Friday morning when I put Sam back in the cage, my parrot, Tahki, had severed his toes when he had gotten out of his cage. Tahki is 20 years old and has been mean since the day I brought him home at 5 months old. He loves his "brothers" as long as they don't touch the bars of his cage. I am guessing when Sam escaped, he climbed from his cage to Tahki's and that is when the attack happened. I am so glad Miles didn't get bit. He doesn't have a leg to spare. He wouldn't have survived.

So, I have moved both cages, all 3 birds to the dining room while Sam recuperates. It is the warmest room in the house. Last night was touch and go, but, he survived the night. Tonight, he looks like he is out of the woods. Tahki is VERY sorry he hurt his brother. Sam understands, Tahki has "issues".
Thru all this, I am plugging along on my squares for the Baby's Textured Blanket. I am finding them relaxing while I sit in the "Hospital Zone".

Friday, February 19, 2010

I am NOT an Olympic knitter

I am stunned at how fast some people knit. I am NOT one of them. I have been knitting my squares, every night, for the Baby's Textured Blanket. I thought I would be alot farther along. I even signed up for the Ravelymics. I am on Team Itty Bitty and entered the blanket as my "event". At the rate I am going, I will not be in contention for a medal. I will be lucky to hit the finish line before they turn off the lights in the arena. I am, however, having a blast making each square. I am perfecting my gauge, learning new techniques, and even knitting the continental method. However, I cannot purl continental.

One reason I am not farther along with my squares, the 2010 Winter Olympics. They are SO addicting. Events I never watched in the past are my favorite this year. And these kids, Shawn White, Appollo Ono, Lyndsey Vonn ........... OH MY GOSH! Since I am not one of those knitters that knit without looking, watching the Olympics is cramping my knitting style.

Now the reason I have not posted much this week, 4 sick grandkids and winter recess. Luiza and Mia have hideous coughs, Neve has the flu, and Nolan has severe bronchitis and RSV. He is only 14 weeks and probably headed to the hospital this morning. Please say a prayer for him. Ella is the only one sounding good. Plus, this week is winter recess for Luiza and Ella. That means during the day, more snacks, more clutter, more joyful noise, less knitting. Today we are going to make Reese's Peanut Butter Cup/Chocolate Chip cookies.

I will get knitting done tonight. It is scrapbook night at the Salvation Army. We knitters have invaded the scrapbookers. It really should be called craft night. There are also card makers. We have a blast. My daughter runs the program. My goal tonight is to finish 2 squares.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Anyone have any spare hours?

There just aren't enough hours in a day. I get up every morning at 5:45 am, clean my neighbor's house from 6:30 am - 7:45 am, return home to wait for the kids to start arriving at 8:15 am, feed the dogs, change diapers, make the kids breakfast, bottle for Nolan, nap for Nolan, let the dogs out 4 times, change diapers, another bottle for Nolan, check computer, snacks for kids and dogs, let the dogs out, ponytails or braids on 3 little girls, change diapers, lunch, get Luiza ready for school, bottle for Nolan, Luiza picked up for school, Neve down for a nap, movie in for Mia, let the dogs out, nap for Nolan, computer time or knit, wash dishes, snack for Mia, rest time for Mia, let the dogs out, Ella and Luiza home from school, snacks, diaper change, bottle for Nolan, Neve wakes up, snacks, think and forget about dinner, feed dogs, let dogs out, diaper change, wait for kids to get picked up. Oops, somewhere in there, feed birds. Once everyone is gone, dinner is finished, dishes are washed, I knit.

One glitch today, my Eli was sick during the night. I woke up and discovered I had to mop the kitchen and dining room floors BEFORE I started my day. I hate that. Fortunately, Eli's older sister, Sipsie Rose, thinks he is her puppy and she cleans his face daily. While I cleaned up the mess, she cleaned Eli. He slept the entire day. He didn't get up until 6:15 pm. He woked up and had Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup and cottage cheese and went back to bed. Hope this is a one day flu.

I am making progress on my Baby's Textured Blanket. Will have photos tomorrow.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am SO ready to start Project #3.

It has been a crazy week. Between the 7" of snow, my daughter having tests for stomach issues, 4 little girls who are spreading their wings, and a 13 week old little guy who is now tired of laying down but to little to sit up, why am I not knitting?
After finishing the Grumpy Old Bear, I have been trying to figure out what to do next. I am DYING to start working on something from "itty bitty toys". However, I decided that for Project #3, I am going to start knitting the Baby's Texture Blanket on page 45 of "itty bitty nursery". I figure that I can use the Butterfly Mercerized Cotton I bought for the pacifier clips. I wasn't thrilled with the colors for the clips, but, I think they will be perfect for the blanket. Can't wait to get started.

Tonight I was my 6 year old granddaughter's "Special Person" at her Valentines party with her Moonbeams group. There were about 20 children, ages 3-6, all with their special person. We had such a good time. We colored, we played Valentine bingo, and we had treats. It doesn't get much better than that.

When we got home, Luiza asked for a washcloth, a mirror, a cup of water, and then said "Please, don't come in my room". 5 minutes later she emerged from her room stating, matter of factly, "Here is my tooth". She YANKED her front tooth out. It was loose. She's a hoot. She is such an old soul in a little body.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Project #2 ~ Grumpy Old Bear - COMPLETED

Grumpy Old Bear is complete and he only took a few hours to make. He is a perfect size to tuck into a diaper bag, pocket, or even on top of a present. Grumpy was a lot of fun to make. I used a yarn with wool in it, so, he turned out a little different in shape. He seems a bit stiffer. I still need to work on facial expressions. It frustrates me when my expressions don't look like Susan's. I realize she is an artist and has the magic touch, but, I really love the faces on her toys.

I am listening to the news, after watching the Saints beat the Colts. I DON'T EVEN KNOW THE TEAMS! I just wanted the Saints to win. Louisiana can use some good news. Anyway, we have a HUGE winter storm heading our way. I need to get my next project in order, in case we are snowed in.

The Grumpy Old Bear is a great project for the beginner or for an experienced knitter. It took no time to knit the pieces and just a few hours to sew him together.

If you want to check out Grumpy Old Bear, or other projects of mine, I am on Ravelry, my name is yerkeb.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Project #2 ~ Grumpy Old Bear

I have decided to knit the Grumpy Old Bear on page 19 in "itty bitty nursery". Of course, I don't have a local yarn shop that carries Rowan yarns, so I am substituting Natura by lane cervinia. Lets hope for the best. If I am not thrilled, I will be UNknitting the grumpy old bear and will become a grumpy old barb.

I swore I would NEVER have a stash of yarn, other than the remains of skeins from previous projects. NO BUYING AHEAD. I have stuck to that. However, as I am starting to knit thru the "itty bittys", I am having a very hard time finding certain yarns, even online. I may need to rethink having a stash. Oh Yikes! This could be dangerous. Anyone know of a yarn shop that carries a large variety of O-Wool Balance? I can't find the colors I need.

Anyone appreciate this photo like I do? Ahhhh.........Russell Crowe. He is welcome to knit with me anytime. As a matter of fact, he does. I keep his framed photo on the table, where I knit.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project #1 ~ Pacifier Clips - Completed

I can't believe how long it has taken me to complete the pacifier clips. I had originally planned on Project #1 being just the Frog pacifier clip. As I started the project I ran into a few stumbling blocks. My yarn shop doesn't carry Rowan yarns. I knew that and had another brand in mind. Turned out, it didn't work. I tried Paton's Grace, it didn't work either. Finally, I chose Butterfly Mercerized Cotton-Super 10. I love the yarn. The only thing that disappoints me, the colors. Even though I had a ton to pick from in the Butterfly line, they were off just a titch, from the Rowan that Susan had used. And, of course, Susan has such an eye for color and mine are too bright. Oh well, live and learn.
Another problem, I tried 6 stores to find the pacifier clip. They either didn't carry them or they were sold out. Since I couldn't finish the Frog without it, I gave into my granddaughters begging and made 4 little frogs, one for each of them.
Still with no clips, I decided to make the Flower and Elephant pacifier clips. I figured, once I found the clips, I could complete all 3 styles.
I found the Frog and Elephant easy to knit. However, that crazy flower. The petals were so easy and fun. I LOVE the construction of each petal. The problem for me, sewing those 5 petals together. I don't know how many times I took them apart. It made me CRAZY!
The 3 pacifier clips are finally done. I love everything about the Elephant. I don't think there is a cuter Frog to be found. The flower reminds me of my hippie days, so it is redeemed. Even though it caused me such frustration, I now love it.

Project #1 ~ Pacifier Clips - COMPLETED