Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cool January morning

I am sitting here, listening to the 3 little ones talking and telling stories to each other. There is nothing like a 5, 3, and 2 year old sharing their dreams. Today, they are hanging on to every word that is spoken. It is precious. These moments must be cherished.

I am STILL without a camera battery, which doesn't make me want to blog. I feel like I need pictures to help tell my daily events and projects. I WILL be getting one this weekend.

I must say, I had a wonderful Christmas. Spent lots of time with family and friends. There is nothing better.

I have added a precious 3 month old little gentlemen to my daily group. David joined us the last week of December. He is the best baby, happy all the time. I guess having 4 older ladies ( 8, 7, 5, and 3 years old ) to flirt with and a 2 year boy to get pointers from will keep a little one entertained.

My weekends are still so much fun. Saturday mornings I go to Eastern Market, in Detroit, for my eggs, produce, and cheese danishes. They are so big my granddaughter, Luiza, calls them coffeecakes. YUM! After the market we head to Hamtramck. It is a small Polish town that borders Detroit. We go to Srodek's Market for the best polish cheeses and homemade pierogis you ever want to eat. This market is a shining star in a city that has fallen on hard times. It is a third generation family business. I love shopping in markets where the employees, and most of the customers, speak the language. There is still a huge Polish community in Hamtramck.

I have been doing alot of crocheting lately. I will post more about that this weekend, when I can include photos.

I better close for now. David is ready for a bottle, Mia, Neve, and Nolan are asking for snacks, and the dogs are whining to go outside. I am counting the minutes till Mia is picked up for school and Nolan goes down for a rest. Neve and I will color and play games for awhile, then, rest time for her. Still trying to get a routine down for the 3 little ones. Wish they napped at the same time. Not happening so far.

Have a great day.