Monday, November 7, 2011

YIPPEE!!!! November is here.

I am stepping up my game. November is here, my favorite time of the year, and I am starting to focus. I am getting SO excited for my family to come for Thanksgiving. I love decorating the house. I love shopping for the food. I love to make the sweet potatoes, cornbread dressing, southern green beans, and mashed potatoes. I love making hors d'oeuvres to have before the meal and soup to have for the second meal. I love going to bed at midnight, the night before, waking up about 3:00am to take one turkey out of the oven and put another one in. This year, I think I may make homemade bread. I used to make it weekly, when my children were little. I haven't made it in about 30 years. Maybe I will make it with my granddaughters. Each year I try to think of something new to add to the feast. I think I better get the cookbooks out and see what catches my eye.

Last week my precious cockatiel, Samuel, died at the age of 23. I got him when he was 8 weeks old. He was such a special boy. He helped me raise 12 other birds. He taught my parakeets and lovebirds to get along. He would stand between them, if they were fighting, and say something. Immediately, the bickering would stop. After about 3 months, they never fought again. Sammy had a vocabulary of about 12 words and sentences. He used to whistle the theme song to the "Andy Griffith Show". He taught 2 of his bird brothers to talk. I had fed him before going to church, October 30th. When I got home, I passed by his cage, we talked. I went outside to do yard work, came in about dinnertime. When I passed by his cage, he had died. I am so glad he had had a good day. He had talked to me, ate great, and played with his brothers. It was a tough week for his brothers. Miles is 21 years old, also a cockatiel. They shared a cage. Miles has never been without Sam. He misses him. His other brother, Tahki, is a 22 year old African Ringnecked Parakeet. He is about as grumpy as they come. However, he always sat on the perch closest to Sam and learned to mimick him. He actually learned Sam's voice so well, I could not tell the difference. It is comforting now. 

This past week I started and completed some projects. I am having so much fun making baby bibs designed by Elaine Fitzpatrick. Her blog is Down Cloverlaine. I think they are so cute and SO practical. I made Gobble, for David's first Thanksgiving. 
I also completed the hat pattern, Echelon. I have the HARDEST time making granny squares. WHY????  They are probably one of the easiest things to crochet. Drives me crazy. 
I am getting ready to work on the Christmas Set, from Susan B. Anderson's, "itty bitty toys", page 113. I am starting with Santa. I need to get this set finished, soon, so I can get busy working on her darling little fairies. I am hoping to have them ready for Christmas Eve. Luiza, Ella, and Mia will be so excited. They were featured in Knitsimple Holiday 2011.

Just a few pictures from this past week. Luiza was a butterfly and Ella and Mia were girls from the 50's for Halloween.

Yesterday, Luiza and I raked the front yard. Leaf pick-up is coming on Wednesday. I hope the weather holds out for our next pick-up day in December. We get 2 per season, weather permitting. If I have to bag the leaves, it takes about 80 bags to finish my backyard.  NOT fun.

My aunt stopped by this morning for a visit and brought me this WONDERFUL soap from Italy. The smell of lemon is unbelievable. Thank you, Aunt Jewell. 

I am going to get started on my itty bitty Santa. Hopefully, I will have a photo to post this week. Oooo, and I think I will go put some squash in the oven. Bought 3 different varieties at the market on Saturday. I have never had the one on the right. Can't wait to try it.


Wooly Knits n Bits said...

Must be difficult to loose such great companions after they have been with you for so long.
Great job on the hat and bib.
Your Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away!

Jessica said...

Are you on Ravelry?

barb said...

Hi Jessica, Yes, I am yerkeb on Ravelry. DON'T YOU LOVE RAVELRY!?!?!?! I am addicted to it.