Monday, November 21, 2011

3 Things

First thing, PLEASE check out this blog, Natural Suburbia. I fell in love with this blog a few weeks ago. The gal who writes it designs wonderful knitted animal patterns and also has an Etsy store, Mamma4earth. GREAT patterns. She is in the midst of a giveaway that ends on November 25th. Be sure to check it out.

Second thing, I HATE MAKING BOBBLES!!!!!!  I am trying to make the Santa in Susan B. Anderson's "itty bitty toys". I WAS loving him until I reached the top of his hat. A BOBBLE! I don't know why I have such trouble reading ANY bobble directions. I am going to have to head to YouTube and find some instructions. Drives me crazy.

I would have posted a photo of Santa, but, third thing, the battery in the camera died. I really can't complain. The camera was bought 7 years ago, used constantly, and this will be the first time we have had to replace the battery. It has outlived my dishwasher and refrigerator.

Everyone in the USA, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day on Thursday.  Those who don't celebrate this holiday, just be thankful for what you have and those in your life.


Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

Totally LOVE the blog you asked us to check out. Thanks!

And I am not a fan of bobbles either. I don't mind one in a pattern, but these aran sweaters with lots of bobbles-- YUCK! I know how to make them all right, but they are a pain in the you-know-where to do AND I think they look ugly in large numbers.

Wooly Knits n Bits said...

YouTube should make it easier find a technique that works for you.
Thanks for pointing out the new-to-me blog.