Monday, October 17, 2011

APRIL 6TH????????

Is it true?  The last time I blogged was April 6?!?!?!?  That is pathetic.

I don't know where the time has gone. Spring and summer came and went. With 5 grandchildren, 4 dogs, 3 birds, and 3 turtles that I take care of, I didn't go on vacation. So what did I do?  Wait, that should say, So what DID I do?  If I think REALLY hard, I can come up with a few things. I am a jigsaw puzzle fanatic. I put about 10 puzzles together. I work them on my kitchen table, so, I start the puzzle after dinner and it has to been completed before breakfast. Too bad I can't make money doing puzzles. I would be a wealthy woman.


I finished Tortellini Tortoise,

I made 3 skinny scarves,

This is my favorite. I made the Pig, from "itty bitty toys", page 43. I love my pig.

I made a tote bag,

and last, but not least, I made my VERY long, winter scarf.

Oh yeah, one other thing I finally did. I started eating properly. I have been a vegetarian since 1992, but that doesn't mean I was a healthy eater. On June 13th I decided to get with it. Turn my life around for the last time. I have yo-yo dieted so many times, I can't count. I am happy to say that as of today I have lost 47.5 lbs. I still have a long way to go (another 65 lbs), but, I have the rest of my life to get it off and KEEP it off. At some point I will post before and after pictures. Maybe at the half way point. Anyway, my daughter told me to check out  Lose It. I love this website. For some CRAZY reason, it clicked.

I made a delicious pot of Cauliflower Soup over the weekend. It is like a freebie soup, calorie wise. If I remember correctly, Weight Watchers don't count points for most vegetables. This would be point free. DELICIOUS!

Has anyone seen the issue of Knitsimple, Holiday 2011?  Susan B. Anderson has the sweetest set of fairies in a tulip purse. My granddaughters are going to love them. I had to hide the magazine so they won't have a clue about whats to come. Hopefully, I will get started on these fairies this week.

Time to go wash the dishes.


Wooly Knits n Bits said...

Your knitting is beautiful but please tell me more about the bag! Where can I get the pattern. It would be perfect as a project bag.
woolyknitsnbits (at) live (dot) ca

barb said...

LOL!! Oh dear, you are going to make me have to search in my sewing closet. My knitting is as neat as a pin. My sewing closet is open and shove. I will look for the pattern today and let you know. It is a very easy pattern.

PurlingPenny said...

Firstly congratulations on your weight loss. That's an amazing accomplishment! I totally agree with you about those Susan B. Anderson fairies, they are the stuff dreams are made of.

wellsheidi said...

I've missed you!

Jessica said...

I missed you too! Nice to hear from you again :)

barb said...

Thank you SO much, everyone. I have missed talking to you. Hopefully, I am back on track.