Sunday, October 23, 2011

What a GREAT weekend.

After a week of cold drizzly weather, this weekend was beautiful.
I spent Saturday morning doing my favorite thing, going to Eastern Market, in the heart of Detroit, to get my weekly produce with my cousins. Marilyn, her husband Jon, and I go almost every week to relax. We talk to the farmers, get our eggs, produce, soup from the Russell Street Deli vendor, bread from the Zingerman's vendor, and visit with total strangers. Often we see the mounted police officer patrolling the market on Elmo, a HUGE horse. What could be better than that? Just look at this picture of the market. This is only one shed. There are 3 others. Let me just say, this is a jewel in Detroit.
When we have loaded our carts with fresh eggs, vegetables, and fruit, we head to Milano's Bakery for the best cheese danish you have ever eaten. Let me correct that, once a month we splurge on the danish. After we leave Eastern Market, we often head to Hamtramck. 50 years ago, it was a city that was populated by Polish immigrants. Now days, it is a more diverse city. However, many of the original polish butchers and bakers have remained. Jon likes to stop at the butcher shop and get some sausage. The wonderful smokey smells that come from the grocery bag, words can't describe, and I AM A VEGETARIAN! Some things never change, smells bring back memories of childhood. The other stop we sometimes make, is at the polish bakery. This week we bought some paczkis, the most incredible round donuts,  either glazed and jelly filled or chocolate dipped with a custard filling. These are not your normal donuts, these are sent from heaven. 

Saturday afternoon was my, "just like",  a grandson's 2nd birthday. Nolan had a bounce house in their backyard. The children had a blast. They had a fire going in the pit ( 48 degrees outside ), but the kids were barefoot most of the time. They carved pumpkins to take home and hit a ghost pinata'. I think they got more candy from breaking the ghost than they will get from trick or treating Halloween night. We had such a good time. 

This is Nolan, enjoying his cake


I also finished "Stretch", the giraffe bib, for my newest little one, David. I will start watching him the end of the year. He is 3 weeks old. I love this bib. 
It didn't photograph real sharp, but in person, the design really "pops". I plan on making about a dozen different styles. They are from Elaine Fitzpatrick. You can get her free patterns on Ravelry or on her blog, Down Cloverlaine. LOVE IT!

OH, I forgot to tell you, my son started the Detroit Police Academy in September. He will be in training until May, 2012. What a change from first, touring for 3 years all over the world with his band, then 11 years as the Community Center Director for the Royal Oak Salvation Army. Maybe running the summer day camps will have prepared him for patrolling the streets of Detroit. LOL! 120 kids, I can't imagine. Anyway, I am so proud of him and happy for him. He has wanted this for awhile. 

I better go. The little ones will be arriving in about 8 hours. I better get some sleep. 


Jessica said...

Wow! Your grandkids have grown so much! Seems to me Nolan was just little like David last I remember. I have also discovered Elaine's line of bib patterns and I want to make every one. I finished my first one, the puddle duck, last week.

barb said...

Jessica, I can't knit fast enough. I agree, I want to make them all. I just might. LOL. I am going to start the owl as soon as I finish some Halloween dishcloths.