Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Its time to SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!

When you haven't posted on your blog for 3 weeks because you were getting ready for the holidays, that is understandable. When the last time you posted was 6 months ago and you keep saying you can't find the time, SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!  Unless your last name is Obama or you are in a lab developing a cure for something or you are Kate Gosslin, chances are, you can find a few minutes a week to blog SOMETHING! All I can say is, "I am sorry". There are no excuses for my excuses, so I won't make any.  The only thing I will say, when one stitch lets loose, it unravels everything.

I don't want to start blogging today about what happened 6 months ago. I will tell you a few things, then, it is time to look ahead. Let me start by saying, I FINISHED THE LION/ELEPHANT itty bitty reversible toy!!! He started off a possible misfit toy and turned out to be Neve's favorite toy. Elephant, as she calls him, sits on my bookshelf. Every morning when Neve arrives, the first thing she sees is Elephant. She watches him, with a smile on her face, while she takes her coat and boots off. Then, *vooom*, off to get Elephant. With a grab and a hug, the 2 are off to play. This is one loved toy.

Florian Fox. I fell in love with this fox years ago. It is from a book called "And So To Bed" by Lucinda Guy. I made it for my collection and ended up giving it to Nolan for his first birthday. His mom, Ruth, had given me the yarn from her mother's stash (my dear friend for 34 years, who passed away). When Ruth saw the completed fox, she fell in love with it. Since the yarn had been in her mom's stash, I felt it was meant to be that Florian Fox go live with Nolan and Ruth.

Through the winter all I really made was dishclothes, mainly to learn new stitches. I didn't take on any major projects. Kinda lost my "oomph". I loved looking through magazines and books, but mentally I couldn't get it together.

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!  My son applied a few years ago to become a police officer in a few cities. He was accepted by the Nashville, Tennessee police department, but, he really wanted to work in Detroit. He turned down the Nashville offer a year ago, hoping Detroit would call him. After waiting and waiting, he finally got the call. PRAISE GOD!!!!  He will be starting the police academy something in late spring or early summer. What a change this is going to be. He is currently the Community Center Director for the Salvation Army. He is thrilled, so we are thrilled.

This winter we also expanded our family. We have adopted 3 Map Turtles: Shellie, 10 years old and Sheldon and Shamus, both 9 years old. We are having so much fun with these 3 cuties. We have actually rearranged our furniture away from the TV to facing the aquarium.

Ok, fast forward to today, I am working on Tortellini Tortoise from the book Knit & Purl Pets. I had to temporarily jump ship (from the itty bittys) to make this turtle. Even though I know Susan Anderson wouldn't be upset, I feel like I am cheating on her. LOL.  Since we have our 3 little turtles, I had to knit one.

As I said, I didn't knit this winter, but I did buy lots of books. WOO HOO!!!! Actually, I joined a book club. What a great way to buy books. Saved a ton of money.

Oh, one last thing. NOT good news. This winter while I was moping around, I gained 12 pounds. What a pain, literally. If I had been in good shape to begin with, this would not bother me. Gaining this weight means I now have 90 pounds to lose. ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!  Last week I pulled out my Weight Watcher books and started counting my points. First week, down 6 pounds.    84 pounds to go.


Reneelynn said...

I'm glad your back!

I've been checking your blog list quite often in the last 6 months and have really found some great things!

Anonymous said...

As I look through the things you have made I see some I have done. Some of our books are even the same. Then there is the amount of weight to be lost.
And we have the dogs. Ike and Tina are reminding me just how old I am!
It is nice to see a new post.

Valerie said...

I am so relieved to hear from you! There is so much I want to say but instead will just say that I have been drooling over Knit & Purl Pets and the Birds and Butterflies books.

Valerie (ertmantrowbridgefamily, but I'm not logged in to that account right now)

Jessica said...

Susan B. Anderson actually has a pattern for a turtle named "Tuck" on the Spud and Chloe blog that you might want to check out. I made it last year and it's so cute!

wellsheidi said...

So glad your back. None of my friends knit or watch their grandchildren like you and I. I guess that's why I enjoy your blog so much. I also like to knit toys. Have you ever checked out Rebecca Danger's knitted monsters or the felted Kuku dolls. Just received the kuku doll pattern and hope to come up with a couple dolls for Easter.

Judi said...

Welcome Back! I've missed you, but you know, we all have ups and downs-life happens-and that's just the way it is. I got started reading your blog because I lived in the Detroit area(Southfield) for several areas and roamed around Detroit and its entire metropolis area for work. I love the city of Detroit, actually, and do miss it. My son has to return occasionally for his "Detroit fix." Congratulations to your son for getting accepted for the Detroit police! I wish him well. I can't imagine taking care of grandchildren the way you do! I have mine for only a day or two and I'm exhausted for days after!
Maybe you weren't knitting large projects, but you were knitting. I am not a "toy knitter" but did recently make some monsters and the egg-to-bird with nest for a couple of little guys. Really not my cup of tea. All of yours are so adorable. I, too, was going to mention "Tuck the Turtle" like Jessica. I love how it tucks up into its shell. :-) Maybe I'll try it someday, but not for awhile! You chose a neat variety of books, though I can't imagine knitting an entire dog! I was given "The Knitter's Companion" years ago and have been so glad I have it. I'm sure you will be, too. Again, welcome back and I hope all stays on an even keel, as much as any of us can hope for. :-)

Ólöf said...

Welcome back! I´m so glad to see that you are blogging again and those 12 pounds, you already lost 6 of them in one week. I have faith in you. I myself am trying to loose 30 pounds and I am 5 pounds down in one week.
Looking forward to reading and seeing more from you.