Saturday, January 30, 2010

What is in the bag?

After a VERY long week, I couldn't wait to head to "have you any wool?", my favorite little yarn shop, to indulge. Just look at that bag, filled with the cotton yarns I need to finish the pacifier clips, skeins of yarn for future projects, and yarn needles. But wait! What is that peeking out from the bottom of the bag?

WOO HOO!!!!! I bought my "itty bitty toys" book. I am beside myself. It is beyond precious.

While I was in the yarn shop, I spent some time looking through MY book, deciding which toy would be my next project. I didn't take long to know I needed to add the Pig to my collection of adorable animals. That face, oh my word.
Now to pick out the yarn. The yarn Susan chose for the pig is perfect, but, of course, the shop didn't have that color and they aren't ordering anymore. We spent some time looking for a substitution and found some that would work, so I bought it. WHY DID I SETTLE? I am so mad. I came right home, went online, and found the yarn in the pattern. ARGH!!!!! I am going to put the pig on hold and order the yarn I love.

One thing I find, that being a stay-at-home grammie, it is difficult finding the time to enjoy visiting wonderful little yarn shops. All of them in my area close at 6:00 most or all weekdays and they are closed on Sunday. It is impossible for me to take a stroller with a 14 week old, a 20 month old who is a whirlwind, a 3 year old and a 6 year old who would pretend to be shoppers, and try to enjoy a trip to shop for yarn. Not to mention, I don't have that many carseats.

So.......for now, I think I am going to do my shopping online for the yarns that Susan suggests for her wonderful patterns.

p.s. Almost done with the Frog and Elephant pacifier clips. I hadn't been able to find the clips, until today . Working on the Flower pacifier clip. Will post completed photos soon.


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous blog you have (I just discovered you via Susan's blog). Best of luck to you as you pursue this project! I've made up several elephant & frog pacifier holders. They are very popular as present toppers at baby showers. :)
I've also knit the pig (for my son for Christmas 2009) - it is such a sweet toy! Feel free to visit me on Ravelry - I'm zillyons.

Anonymous said...

Your frog pacifier clip looks so cute! I've only made the elephant and flower clips. I think all the little frog parts scare me a little - - but yours is so cute I may have to try one.

Sara in WI said...

So where did you finally find the pacifier clips? (Curious minds want to know....)