Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting ready for tomorrow.

I am so excited to start my adventure of "Knitting thru the itty bittys". I know this won't change global warming, it won't solve world peace, I doubt it will alter life as we know it, but for me, this is BIG.
I spent yesterday morning at "have you any wool?", my favorite yarn shop. I was thrilled Jessica was working. She is a college age girl who is SO knowledgeable about anything having to do with knitting. Since I am still learning as I go, I was so glad I was the only one at the door when the store opened. I had my list of things I need to start the Frog pacifier clip. I knew they didn't carry the yarn used in the book, "itty bitty nursery", so to have Jessica there to help me select an alternative yarn, perfect. I don't think she realizes how important she is going to be to me while I knit thru the "itty bittys". Anyway, we spent ages picking out the perfect yarn and the perfect color. I was in my glory. She had me feel the different weights, different blends, look at all the colors, and then, we decided on the yarn. Butterfly Mercerized Cotton, Super - 10. I was beyond excited. I had chosen my yarn and was ready for Monday to come.
Remember how I said that Knitting thru the "itty bittys" is BIG to me, but not life changing for anyone else? I think I was wrong. I believe that taking on this project, I just might be helping the economy grow WITH MY SPENDING! I refuse to start this endeavor by penny pinching. However, to make this Frog pacifier clip, the pattern calls for 5 colors of yarn. I realized that if I purchased all the colors in my favorite, Butterfly Mercerized Cotton, Super - 10 yarn, I would not be able to feed our 2 Great Danes and 2 Yorkshire Terriers for the next 2 weeks. Now the Yorkies, I could get away with it by feeding them leftovers. However, there are not enough leftovers to feed 280 pounds of Great Danes.
So, there I stood, holding my 5 skeins of carefully chosen colors, that equaled half my weekly grocery bill. Did I put them all back and SETTLE for something else? NO. I decided to buy the 2 colors to get me started, buy the dog food, and go back later and get the rest.
I came home from my WONDERFUL morning at "have you any wool?", decided to clean the house, from one end to the other, so I will have no distractions, come Monday morning. Oh, wait.......Monday morning I have to clean my neighbor's house from 6:30am - 7:40am, carry the garbage out, and wait the arrival of the grandchildren. There may be a few distractions, but, Knitting thru the "itty bittys" will begin sometime on Monday, January 18th, 2010.


Sasa said...

WOO HOO - you go girlie-girl!!! Can't wait to see all the progress you make.

Nicola said...

Lol! I'm hoping that you find a few dollars while you're cleaning your house that will fund more yarn. T'would be poetic justice, eh?

(Guess you'd have to turn in any cash you find in your neighbours house, eh? ;)!