Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project #1 ~ Frog Pacifier Clip

I am SO ready to get started on my first project from the book, "itty bitty nursery" by Susan B. Anderson. I decided the first thing I will knit is the Frog Pacifier Clip. As I was flipping thru the pages of the book, this little frog JUMPED out at me. I figured, this is a sweet little project to start me off. I have all my supplies sitting on the corner of the table, just waiting.

I knew I probably wouldn't start knitting until after lunch. However, I forgot that Monday, January 18th was Martin Luther King day. That means, Luiza is home from school, with nothing to do. Mia and Ella are home with Leslie and Joe. They all have the day off. Luiza is lost without her cousins. She loves playing with Neve, but, the age difference really shows up after about an hour. Not to mention, Neve and Nolan have little colds and they aren't themselves. Both REALLY want to be held. SO.....with Neve sitting on one knee, Nolan over my shoulder, Luiza and I are playing board games, and I AM BORED! Couldn't resist the pun.

FINALLY, my day with the kids is over. Dinner-done. Dogs-in, out, in, out, and in for the night. I am so excited, I grab my knitting and my project begins. It is 7:18pm. Nothing will interrupt me. I have warned everyone, I will not be answering the phone, DON'T CALL! Oh wait, did I mention that tonight is not only Project: Frog Pacifier Clip, but also, the second night of the season opener of 24? I truly am in my glory, starting Knitting thru the "itty bittys" and watching 24.

Lets Begin:
Ok, this little frog is tiny. The instructions are great, very easy to follow. I wish my fingers were a size smaller. The eyes are a bit tricky. They need to be formed into itty bitty balls. Not easy for these fingers, but I am loving the frog. Since I only purchased the green cotton, I think I will make a few frogs. I will make a few pacifier clips and I think I will also make a few frogs to tuck around the house when spring arrives. THEY ARE SO CUTE!

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Sara in WI said...

They are adorable, aren't they? I made a couple for a baby of a mom that loves frogs!