Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Ugly" is done!!!!

I am so excited. I have finished my first full size afghan. I have been working on my UGLY Granny Striped Afghan for a little under a month.  I would not have picked these colors to combine, but, these were in my yarn stash. I am bound and determined to get rid of all my misfit skeins of yarn. As far as the ends of skeins, GRANNY SQUARES! Back to the afghan, it reminds me of my hippie days in the late 60's, early 70's. As a matter of fact, my first refrigerator was Avocado Green. My other choices where Harvest Gold or Burnt Orange. Anyway, I am very pleased with the afghan, despite the colors.

This has been a crazy weather week in my area. We should be enjoying temperatures in the high 40's, which I love, but we are already in the 70's. They just showed the next 8 days weather forcast on TV, 5 days of 76 degrees. Since summer is my LEAST favorite season, this is not looking good to me. If we are at 76 in March, what pray tell will it be like in July, 110? Not to mention, our winter was very mild. We didn't have any snow storms and our temperatures hardly ever hit the teens. Needless to say, right now the germs are running rampant. 3 of my little ones are sick. One with a horrible ear infection and two with colds. 3 down, 3 to go. My one granddaugther, the little Russian, never gets sick. She has great Siberian genes. 

I was up at 2:30 a.m. the other morning, letting one of the old dogs outside. When I opened the door, it was so bright outside. I love looking up and seeing this:

I am hoping tomorrow will be a quiet day. I will be minus one granddaughter, the 3 year old who has the ear infection. I have already cleaned the family room, the turtle tank, the 4 dog's feeding stations, and the bathroom. Tomorrow will be the easy stuff, if the little ones are healthy. Then, I am going to finish the 4 Happy Flower decorations from Attic 24. The 3 girls beg for everything I make. I can tell you right now where Mia, the 5 year old's will be. In the bottom of her backpack with all the other things she couldn't live without. Luiza & Ella might actually hang their's in their rooms. I just hope their moms don't mind them sticking holes in their bedroom walls. Knowing those girls, they will move the Happy Flower a dozen times each.  

Tomorrow night is Scrapbooking/Knitting night at the Salvation Army. I think I will start making the hexagon squares (now that doesn't make sense, hexagon squares) for the Hexagon Afghan, again by Attic 24.

Well, I have a 170 pound Great Dane breathing down my neck, literally. He knows there is pizza in the kitchen and he is NOT going to go to bed until there isn't one piece left. He is so old and stubborn. I would like to say I will win this battle, but, I know the outcome of this story. Just look at this face, staring at the pizza.

I will leave you tonight with one last picture. This is 2 year old Nolan, playing dress-up. He loves his ladies vintage velvet hat with his bowtie. To see this everyday, is my life great or what?

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Wooly Knits n Bits said...

Yay! For the afghan. I'm sure it will be very handy for impromptu picnics or cuddles on the sofa to watch tv.
That old dog is such a cutie!