Monday, March 19, 2012


Before I start talking about knitting/crocheting, I must tell you all, today I became the proud mother of a Detroit Police Officer. My son passed the final test at the academy, as did his ENTIRE class, and officially became a police officer. Not only was he the president of his class from the beginning (which is huge), but he received the Outstanding Top Performance Award. I am SO proud of him.   

I will just say it, "I LOVE HEXAGONS"!!!  I always feel like my granny squares are a bit misshapen, but hexagons, they seem to turn out the way they are suppose to. I made 3 sample ones, out of the scraps from the "Ugly" blanket. GREAT!  Now I am going to have Ugly 1 and Ugly 2. Oh well, at least the little girlies love them. Wait, 4 girlies. I will need Ugly 3 and 4, so they all have one.
The real reason for the hexagons, my daughter fell in love with Lucy's, from Attic 24, Hexagon afghan. My Sarah normally doesn't care for crocheting, she prefers the look of something knitted, but loved Lucy's afghan. So, I ordered all that yarn I posted, and I am going to start it tonight. 

I am going to pick an "itty bitty" toy to begin this week, as well. I am leaning toward the Hippo, which is my favorite animal, but with Easter coming up, I might have to go with the Bunny. I REALLY want to make the Sheep, but the yarn is stopping me. I am not finding what I need. I love Susan Anderson's sheep.

I MUST show you what the 3 granddaughters built last night. While waiting for dinner, Sarah made Chicken Picata with Wild Rice and Raspberry Bars, the girls decided to build a shelter for the sidewalk ants. I was hoping they would move OUT of the neighborhood and the girls constructed a condo and FED THEM LICORICE! I think I saw 30,000 more ants moving in today. Wonderful!
See what looks like dirt? THATS ANTS!  Oh, and let me just say, Sarah's Raspberry Bars, you could serve them to royalty. My son and daughter-in-love LOVE the Chicken Picata. I am a vegetarian, so I ate roasted asparagus, but the smells coming from the kitchen, made me wish I could sample something.

Here are a few pictures of spring at my house....


wellsheidi said...

Congrats on your son! I've also been busy knitting Easter toys. Working on a couple patterns from Fuzzy Mitten.
I'm also a big fan of Susan Anderson. I've made a number of her patterns as gifts. Such talent! Can't wait to see your projects.

barb said...

You told me about Fuzzy Mitten. I bought TONS of her patterns last week. I actually forgot. LOL. I must make one of the little critters and see how it turns out.

Wooly Knits n Bits said...

Congratulations on your son, what a great career! He has a difficult but rewarding career in front of him.
I love the photo of the boots...sure sign of spring.
Did you know that Susan will have a new book out? More fun knitting!