Friday, March 2, 2012

Can't Wait For The Mail Carrier To Arrive

I am sitting here, anxiously waiting for the mail carrier to get here. I am hoping that the 2 books I ordered about Granny Squares, come today. I am still waiting for the Stylecraft yarn from England, but, I am not thinking it will arrive for another week. I have a VERY obsessive personality, so lets just say,  I am really teaching my little ones about patience today. WAIT!!!!!  I hear the mail carrier........ ONE BOOK IS HERE!

Have any of you been watching the British TV series, Downton Abbey? It is being shown on the PBS channel. I have heard from so many people how good it is. Another obsession, I am trying to find season 1 in the stores, but, it has been sold out. 

I have been working steadily on my Granny Stripe Blanket. It is coming along, slowly. If I hadn't made it so long, I would have been done long ago. One nice thing, it will be so long that it will easily cover 2 people sitting at opposite ends of the couch. I am making this afghan with the group on Ravelry, "One A Day", and I am ahead of schedule. I committed to one row a day, but have surpassed that. Woo Hoo!

I have mentioned the Etsy shop, Mamma4earth, in a past. I love Linda's creations. She designed the loveliest Swan last week, along with a beautiful Daffodil. Couldn't resist them. Had to buy the patterns. Then yesterday, she posts on her blog, another new pattern, Glider the Whale. Check them out. ADORABLE. I am in the process of knitting her Cat. It is so easy to knit. I made 2 sets of body parts in 2 hours. My only challenge at the moment, my yarn is a bit finer than what she used and my stuffing is showing through the stitches. I was disappointed, but not frustrated. Tonight I meet with my scrapbooking/knitting group. I will work on the Cat tonight. I will show you what I mean about my stitches. Also, I haven't put on the eyes or nose, yet. Don't judge Mamma4earth's patterns by my little cat. The yarn is SO wrong. 

And finally, I saved the best till last. We have a new member in our family. She joined us last Sunday. She is a big girl. About 1.5 lbs.

Introducing Shirlie Girlie, my Red Eared Slider turtle. I went to buy turtle food for Shellie, Shamus, Sheldon, & Sherman. I happened to look over at the turtle tank and there she was, BEGGING me to take her home. How could I say no to that face?

Have a GREAT weekend.


Wooly Knits n Bits said...

After your first post on
Mamma4earth, I purchased her alpaca pattern to make soon! YOur cat is actually very nice.

barb said...

I am embarrassed with the cat, but I figured I should show the good and the not so good. Hopefully, cat #2
will be improved.

wellsheidi said...

If you haven't already, check out fuzzy mittens blog. I've made some of her animals and recently knitted the zebra. It came out adorable and is much loved by my granddaughter. Anxious to see some projects from your new book. As for turtles, they look too much like snakes. (Huge Phobia)