Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday update....

I am determined to post my accomplishments this week, before the clock strikes twelve.

I made a new recipe out of Anna Thomas' cookbook, "Love Soup". I made the Rustic Potato Leek soup. It was very good. So fast and easy. Our temperatures on Monday and Tuesday were 0 degrees, with a windchill of -17 degrees. The soup was a perfect thing to make.

I completed my "Wrap-me-up puppy", from page 99 of Susan Anderson's book, "itty bitty toys". It was so easy and fun to make. 

Last night while I was watching "Grey's Anatomy", I crocheted 32 centers for my hexagon afghan. Once the centers are made, I seem to barrel through the next 3 colors. 

Today has been a VERY long day. My 10 1/2 year old Great Dane, Eli, has driven me crazy. In Great Dane years, he is approximately 85 years old and today acted every bit of it. He has been outside 17 times today. That means I had to let him out and then back in, so, 34 trips to the back door, while daycaring the 6 children (3 had no school today). 

The children were angels, Eli, another story. It isn't easy living with 3 senior dogs. My 2 Yorkies are 15 and almost 12 years old. The 15 year old, Dillon, is deaf and has cataracts. He is also a little forgetful. He goes to the back door to go out, gets outside, forgets why he is there, cries to come back in, THEN remembers why he wanted out, goes back to the door and whines to go back out. 

The almost 12 year old, Sipsie Rose, has few teeth so her tongue won't stay in her mouth. Gotta love that in a girl.

It is now 12:01 am. I am gonna sign off for now. Have a wonderful weekend. I plan on staying home and cleaning the bird cages, then knitting. 


Zenitude said...

I love hot soup on a cold day! What patience you have to knit tiny toys. It's so adorable!

Reneelynn said...

O no, it's happening again.......No posts in over a month :( Just checking in from time to time~~~~~~