Sunday, January 6, 2013

Only have time for a quick post.

I only have time for a quick post. I am trying to make the most of my weekend. Spent Saturday cleaning out my sewing closet. I can't believe I am going to post photos of the before and after. I decided that I don't sew enough to keep storing all this fleece and calico fabric. Each time I clean the closet, I swear I will make a few quilts and use up my calicos and I will make dog coats to use up my fleece. 3 years later, no quilts, no dog coats, and it is still here. Time to get rid of it.


What you are looking at is all of the bags of fabric that were PACKED into this "closet". It is actually a cubby that is under the pitch of the roof. 


Even though my closet isn't pretty, it is organized. The trunk is full of felt. I figured with all my grandchildren, I would keep that for school projects. Otherwise, 1 bin of fabric for possible future projects. 

I have decided that I will post, on Fridays, how I am doing on my New Year goals. So far, I am feeling good. 

Just looked outside to see a HUGE Red-tailed Hawk sitting in the tree. Went to take a picture and he decided to preen, then, he flew away. Maybe I will get his picture next time. 

Don't forget, Downton Abbey, Season 3, starts tonight at 9 o'clock on PBS. CAN'T WAIT. Nobody call me or come over, unless you are ready to sit silently and watch the show.

Have a great Sunday. 


Zenitude said...

It always feels good to reorganize and to clean out what we won't use. I also felt that it was time to reorganize my studio. It has been a spot to just put things for several weeks now.

wellsheidi said...

Happy to see you back again. I've started making a daily list of things that I want to accomplish. It seems to motivate me. My goal is to give up gluten. It's made such a difference in my daughter. I need more energy to keep up with the little people! Looking forward to your knitting adventures.