Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Its time to get a pencil and paper

I LOVE lists. I love to get a new notebook and my favorite pen and start making lists. I like to make a list of what needs to be cleaned in the house, the daily chores. I love crossing off each job as I complete it. I am so quirky that if while I am doing one job and I add a little something to it that isn't on the original list, I quickly write it down so I can then cross it off. I love making grocery lists. I write the items in the order they are in the aisles at the market. I desperately try NOT to buy anything not on the list. I LOVE making lists of projects to do around the house. It is always interesting to see how many got done before the month is over. Truthfully, that list is usually forwarded to the next month. I painted my bedroom before Thanksgiving, ran out of paint with one section of my stairway wall to go, and STILL haven't gone to get the pint of paint. Since nobody sees it, it isn't a priority. Note to self, PAINT!!!!

I have been enjoying alot of new blogs recently and have noticed alot of people are into a project a day. I believe the Ravelry group is called One a Day. I haven't committed to it, but, it sounds fun. This winter has been tough with 2 elderly dogs, with lots of issues, and then adding David to my group of little ones. I don't seem to be able to sit down and concentrate while knitting without making errors that require as much UN-knitting as knitting. Because of that, I have been crocheting more simple items. I think that is why the One a Day sounds fun. All of a sudden I am LOVING Granny Squares. If I did a square a day, which takes no time, I could actually make my first full size afghan. 

So, tonight I think I am going to get a NEW notebook, my favorite pen, and make a list of knitting and crocheting projects that I want to complete. I haven't done an "itty bitty" in ages. I need to pick one. My only issue with the "itty bittys", I love the yarns that Susan Anderson chooses for her projects. I don't have a stash of yarn, so, once I chose the project, I will have to find the time to go to my LYS, "have you any wool?" and FORCE myself to look through the bins for that special yarn. 

I have been crocheting a few little bookmarks for my granddaughters and their teachers for Valentine's Day.

I saw this darling little flower on the Attic 24 blog. I immediately became obsessed to duplicate it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the yarn that Lucy used, so, my colors are not what I wanted. However, since this is my sample, it works. My next one will have more springy colors.   

My ex-husband's wife, who I adore, gave me a wonderful cookbook for Christmas. Last fall we had been watching a cooking show, America's Test Kitchen, and they made this Coconut Cake that made all of us salivate. We immediately went online to get the recipe and it was no where to be found. So, when Julia surprised me with a Christmas present, she said she had an ulterior motive for getting me this gift, page 851 Coconut Layer Cake. 

I made Julia the cake for our Annual Superbowl Scrapbookers Party. I am so THRILLED, she loved it.

Well, I think I am going to go make that list of projects to start working on. Things that can be completed in a day and things that are to wonderful to resist. In the meantime, here are some photos of the kids today. What can I say, I am so blessed.

Mia, Ella, Luiza

Miles - 22 years old

Tahki - 23 years old
Good Night. 


Rachell said...

Saw your blog address on Lucy's comments and wanted a nosy at your flower, it looks good with no pattern to follow you did a much better job than I would have!

Wooly Knits n Bits said...

My goodness, those babies of yours are cute! Good idea to work on small projects every day.

barb said...

I KNOW!!!! Whether it be a few rows on the Granny Stripe afghan or a Granny Square or whatever, to get something accomplished each day appeals to me.