Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It is taking an earthquake to get me to blog.

How crazy is this ???? An EARTHQUAKE was felt in my area. I, however, did not feel it. With the girls running through the house, the Great Danes chasing after them, and the baby in his "Johnny Jump-up", bouncing and swinging in the doorway, I felt nothing. Apparently, the quake hit in Cumberland, Ontario and was felt in Michigan. YIKES !!!!!!! Lets not make a habit of this.

I am so happy, I finished my scarf that smells like a musty canvas army tent ( for an explanation, read a few entries back ). I love it. If I can't wash the smell out, I will wear it around my neck, sitting on my lounge chair in the backyard, and daydream that I am at the Pinery Provincial Park in Canada, sitting outside my uncle's musty canvas army tent. Ahhh, memories.
I am starting Project #8 ~ Lion and Elephant Reversible doll, page 143 of " itty bitty toys". I am not sure if I am going to be happy, I am using Lion Brand, Vanna's Choice, acrylic yarn. I was unable to get the beautiful yarn that Susan Anderson used to knit her doll. I am starting with the lion and will see if I can live with this yarn. If so, I will make the elephant. If not, I will be forced to go in search of that perfect skein of yarn. If I must, I will go to every little yarn shop in the lower part of Michigan. I will suffer for my craft.

School is out and summer is here. YIPPEE!!!! I am trying to get into a summer schedule with the kids. Luiza and Ella are going to day camp. Every morning we have been so UNorganized. I need to be out of the house by 9:40 in order to deliver Luiza to camp by 10:00 am. Ella gets a ride there. The 3 little ones arrive between 8:30 & 9:00 am. I have to make breakfast and get the 4 fed. (When I say breakfast, I don't mean cold cereal, toast or bagels. I mean a full breakfast. The girls usually want 2 "dip-dip eggs or oatmeal, soy sausage, toast, and ice water. Once a month they like either french toast or pancakes and soy sausage). I then remember I forgot to brush and put Weeza's hair in a ponytail. By now it is 9:30 and I have to change 2 diapers and load the stroller with the little ones and all their supplies. 9:40am, out the door so we can walk Luiza to camp. We arrive at 9:56am. YES! Mia, Neve, Nolan and I walk back home and now our day begins. It consists of coloring, playdoh, puzzles, outdoor play, and PBS. Praise God for PBS. 2:40pm, I load the gang back into the stroller and we walk to get Luiza. Once back home, the kids spend the remainder of the day in the pool. Ahhh.....

I just had to share this photo with you. This is my Eli. There is something about him. Special boy. If you look close, he has pasta sauce on his chin. He STOLE the ravioli from the plate on the picnic table.


The Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

Oh, I wish you were here. Things have been rough lately and we haven't had internet to allow me to write you. We finally have it tonight, at least.

Anyway, you could totally make a trip to the west side of the state and I could take you on a fabulous yarn store tour. It would be great! I am certain you would find the perfect yarn over here. And any thoughts about going to the Michigan Fiber Festival in August? I already told the hubby I am going no matter what. You could join me! ;-)

I hope you enjoy your summer and enjoy those kids. They are too adorable. And enjoy your thief too!

Ólöf said...

Looking forward to seeing the FO of your reversibles. I still haven't tried one.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. I remember those days...Really. Cherish them even though they are hard. Your pictures are really good and the subjects all adorable! Thanks for sharing!