Monday, May 10, 2010


I can't believe it..........finally done. YIPPEE!!!! I bet you are SO excited to see the finished project. Oh, did I mention, it isn't the Baby's Texture Blanket. I know in my last post I said the blanket should be done by Sunday night. I thought I would get 6 hours of knitting in on Friday night. I attempted to knit for 6 hours, but, I talked so much that I unknit as much as I knit. Not good. Saturday morning my cousin, Marilyn, and I were headed to Sam's Club, where we learned how to pick the perfect pineapples and watermelons, but first we got sidetracked when we saw the signs for a bird show. It was worth stopping. We both bought lots of supplies for our feathered kids. Saturday afternoon, Ella and Mia came over to spend the night. Sarah, Luiza, the girls, and I went out to dinner, followed by a stop at the Dairy Queen. I actually took my knitting to the restaurant, but didn't get much done. Sunday, being Mother's Day, was busy, but, I did get 2 sides of the blanket edged.
Today I couldn't bring myself to knit one stitch on the blanket. I just wasn't in the mood. I looked in my knitting bag and found Project #4 ~ The New Sock Monkey. I decided to work on that for a little while. Well guess what? I finished it in no time. And better yet, I LOVE IT! What a sweet little monkey.

Tomorrow is a new day. I will take a deep breath and hopefully finish the 2 remaining sides of Project #3 ~ Baby's Texture Blanket.

Thanks for stopping by Knitting thru thru the "itty bittys". I really appreciate all your comments.



Lucy said...

This is a baby monkey. So sweet and tiny!

Sasa said...

He is ADORABLE! I love the expression on his face . . . GREAT JOB!!!

The Chase Family said...

Beautifully done! :) I love the color you picked. :)

Ólöf said...

Well done. If you stop by my blog then you will see that I have bought the yarn for my monkey. I still have to finish 3 projects before I can start on it though. Good job!