Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Little of this and a little of that

Truly, I do not know how Susan Anderson does it. Last week as I was feverishly trying to finish the last 5 squares of this blanket, she started and finished a blanket that is the same size. ARE YOU HEARING ME? Susan's is done. She knit the 25 squares, sewed them together, and the border is finished. Good Grief! If I am lucky, I will be done in a week. The one thing I will say in my defense, I have never knit some of the stitch patterns that are in this blanket, I have never sewn squares together, let alone with the mattress stitch, and I have never picked up 150 stitches per side of a blanket to add a border. This doesn't come easy for me. I probably need to take some basic classes.

I don't want to bore you with more photos of the blanket, since they all seem to look the same, but this one shows the one side of the blanket with the border started.

GUESS WHAT ??? I started and finished Project #5 in 5 hours. Thats right, 5 HOURS. I wanted to make one of the reversible toys from "itty bitty toys" for an upcoming birthday gift. I figured at the rate I knit, I better get started now. To my surprise, I made "egg to bluebird and a little nest, too", on page 161 in 5 hours. I REALLY love this little guy.

In case you are following my projects closely, you are probably thinking Project #5? What happened to Project #4? If you remember, I started knitting The New Sock Monkey (project #4) while I was waiting to purchase more yarn for Project #3. The little monkey is almost done. I still have to make his arms and legs. WOW, if this doesn't sound like a pyramid scheme, I don't know what does.

Did I mention to you that I started Weight Watchers 2 weeks ago? I am loving it. 13.6 pounds gone so far. I can't wait until I can post the before and after photos. Those, however, won't be posted for some time.


Lucy said...

Ah, I love the reversible egg and bird.

wellsheidi said...

I enjoy your blog so much. Like you, I'm a stay at home Grandma. I want my grandchildren to be with someone that loves them. They just have to put up with lots of knitted hats! Good luck with the weight watchers!

Anonymous said...

I had a tough time doing the border to the Circles and Stripes blanket - they are not easy! Keep on plugging - you're almost done!

Ólöf said...

Looks great! You are doing very well.
Congratulations on the 13.5 pounds. That is no small feat.

Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

Give yourself some slack! You are a stay at home Grandma to FIVE. Susan's kids are older and far more independent. Plus, she knits for a career.

Of course, I am so hard on myself too. I am constantly thinking of how many projects "behind" I am. *sigh*

Yay!!! For starting Weight Watchers. I can't afford to do that, but I am in physical therapy to work on my right hip that got totally thrown off after my pregnancies and this therapist has me really working my abs as well. The hubby even commented that I was "looking good."

Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

Oh! And your bird to egg turned out fabulous! So cute.

And, once again, I truly wish you lived closer because I could totally help you out with the picking up stitches for the border and sewing the squares together with mattress. And then we could sit on the porch and drink diet coke and talk and talk and talk . . . You know, the house next door is available? Could you transport the family over here??? Just kidding!

Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

And (I really should just send you an email but I am here right now and able to type right now) I met a woman at church who inherited a bunch of old knitting patterns from the 40's and 50's. She said I can look at them! (Now I just really, really hope she remembers to bring them to church sometime.)

Susan said...

You are amazing!!! It doesn't matter how fast or slow you are. Your blanket is so gorgeous and amazing. Great job. Your bluebird is wonderful, too!

Keep up the fun and good work:)
susan b anderson