Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is housework REALLY that important?

Ok, I have a choice to make. The breakfast dishes are done, the dining room table is cleared and clean, the baby is happy in his bouncy chair, the 4 girls are laughing and coloring, and the dogs are all sleeping in different nooks and crannies, away from me. I can either clean the bathroom, dust the house, polish the mirrors and windows, OR, I can do that when all the kids leave and work on knitting the next two squares. Hummmmm.........what shall I do? GET REAL, the housework can wait. I have 4 squares left to knit and I want them done by Friday.

I finished the two (2) red Stockinette Stitch squares and

the Stripey Garter Stitch square.

I am getting ready to start the white Square with Rings. It looks fun. I hope Sarah, Joe, and Leslie aren't reading this blog today. I am bribing Weeza, Ella, and Mia with fudge bars so I can get my supplies together. Grandmas are allowed to do that, aren't they?

OH, I forgot to tell all of you about the conversation on Easter. WONDERFUL day at my cousin Marilyn's home. Sarah and Marilyn were talking about something I was knitting, very sweet, very nice. Then one of them said one word and they both got all giddy, in a kinda evil way. One of them brought up that I am always knitting and they both went crazy saying I have dumped them for yarn. That all I want to do is knit or talk about knitting or go to yarn shops or blog about knitting. CAN YOU IMAGINE? Oh wait. I bet it didn't help that I took my knitting bag to Marlilyn's and sat there making a washcloth will we were visiting. LISTEN, I am not an alcoholic, a drug abuser, I'm not even a yarnoholic, but I guess I forget not everyone loves knitting and crocheting. So, Marilyn, if you are reading this, when we go to Eastern Market on Saturday, not a word about knitting and I won't have any yarn hidden in my purse. Promise.


Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

First, I love those adorable girls greatly enjoying their bribe from Grandma!

Second, did you get all your squares done???

Marilyn Lehman said...

LOL...I didn't know you heard Sarah and I talking about us being replaced in your life with knitting on Easter. It was a compliment as we love to hang out with you. You do have a talent for knitting and I am glad you are having fun with it. I might check your purse on Sat. on our way to the Eastern Market to see if you have anything to knit....just in case you think we might get stuck in a traffic jam. much love, Marilyn