Friday, May 4, 2012


If you haven't discovered by now, I am an animal lover. Between my 23 year old African Ringnecked Parakeet, my 22 year old Cockatiel, my 14 year old and 11 year old Yorkshire Terriers, my 9 year old Great Dane, and my 5 turtles, that I can only guess their ages. I do know that the 4 baby turtles I just got are approximately 2 months old. Thats right, FOUR new turtles. I mentioned triplets in my last post, that I was going to share with you. However, 2 of my little turtles died. I had only had them a week. I felt terribe, one little guy left in a big tank, all by himself. His name is Percival, Percy for short. So, yesterday I purchased 3 more babies. These guys look SO healthy, not like the last ones. We haven't named these 3 yet. Waiting to find out if they are boys or girls. They are so scared of people, it may be awhile until I can check out their nails. And, they won't let me photograph them either. Take my word for it, they are darling. 

Crazy thing happened this morning. My daughter was passing by the big turtle tank and what do you think she saw? SIX EGGS laying on the bottom of the tank. REALLY???!!!!  SERIOUSLY??!!  I really don't need to be the caretaker of eggs. And I really don't need 6 more turtles. Even though I am addicted to turtles, 15 would be TOO many. Actually, I don't think the eggs will hatch. They were delivered on the rocks, underwater. They need to be in dirt/sand and dry. 40 days from now, time will tell. Here is a picture of the eggs sitting next to a chicken egg.

I also mentioned in my last post that I would be plugging along, making the hexagons for the blanket I am crocheting. Here is the latest photo, 19 down, no idea how many to go.

Going to close for now. I am getting up early tomorrow to head to Eastern Market to get all my produce and some tomato plants. Have a wonderful weekend. 


wellsheidi said...

I hope they hatch. I just love that kind of stuff. What a neat experience for all your little ones. (I am talking about your human little ones)

barb said...
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barb said...

I have mixed emotions. I would LOVE for the eggs to hatch, HOWEVER, my current tanks are at full capacity. I need to post a sign in the momma turtles tank that says, "NO VACANCY". She needs to stop what she is doing. Also, these turtles can live 40+ years in captivity. That puts me at 96 years old. I really don't want to be cleaning these tanks and hauling buckets of water at that age. Oh wait, when the time comes, maybe I can find a cute 80 year old "pool guy". Ok, that works. The eggs can hatch.