Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This afternoon I was sitting at the dining room table, knitting, while 3 babies were sleeping and I was waiting for 2 granddaughters to arrive home from kindergarten. All of a sudden, the chorus of 4 dogs barking, let me know the mail was here. I went to the door and found not only junk mail, but a package. Couldn't be for me. I haven't ordered anything in a year. BUT WAIT! My dear friend Lisa (aka Sasa 6 on ravelry) told me last week that something should be arriving in the mail. What could it be? Last month she surprised me with 2 skeins of beautiful yarn. I opened the package and couldn't believe my eyes. It was a copy of "itty bitty hats". "ITTY BITTY HATS" !!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ????? I am beyond thrilled. Lisa, THANK YOU, Thank You, thank you.

I now have all 3 "itty bitty" books, by Susan B. Anderson. YIPPEE!!!!

Project #4, The New Sock Monkey, is so fun and easy. I am really enjoying making this little guy. I can't wait until I stitch his face. That will make all the difference for me. It is always in the expression.

Update on Project #3. Susan Anderson was kind enough to check out my photo of the Loopy Stitch square. She immediately noticed I had crocheted eleven loopy rows instead of the SIX that Susan crocheted. I have decided to leave my first Loopy Stitch square as is. However, the second one will be done correct, I hope.

Thank you Susan for all your input.
Thank you Lisa for my "itty bitty hats" book.


Sasa said...

TEE HEE! I love it when a plan comes together . . .

It is so much fun to have the honor of being able to bless you as you have blessed me and so many others. Words could never express what your help and friendship has meant to me over the last couple of years. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for being my friend!

Love you!!!!

Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

Yay! I just love mail surprises.

And I really love good friends.